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Hotelier software software as a service offer complete solutions for online hotel reservation system.

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Hotel Portal - $77

Using single hotel subscriptions plan you can manage one or chains hotel online booking system .

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Portal Plus - $99

Using single hotel subscriptions plan you can manage one or chains hotel online booking system .

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Joomla HBS Feature - Hotel Booking Feature for Joomla CMS

GoReserva® - Hotel Booking System for Hotel, Hostel, Property, Guest House, Apartments.

Joomla Hotel Booking System (GoReserva) was designed to simplify the task of online booking in Joomla Content Management Website. It provides users a unique, intuitive and easy to use interface that improves the way people use the web today with most unique and powerful feature to make it handy for all user including guest or user and hotel admin as well as website admin feature.

Joomla Hotel Booking System (GoReserva) enhances the entire Hotel Booking web experience in Joomla!. Its Flexible, Simple, Elegant, Customizable and Powerful. GoReserva Easy to install, simple to manage and reliable & most up to date booking application in the world.

GoReserva System to be used together with a Open Source Content Management System (CMS) called Joomla!Joomla and GoReserva are written in PHP and made for easy use in a PHP / MySQL environment.

GoReserva for Joomla (Joomla Hotel Booking System) is the leading Online Hotel Booking solution for Joomla! GoReserva for Joomla (Joomla Hotel Booking System) is no stand-alone script, but a Plug-in and requires the PHP Content Management System Joomla! So you must install Joomla first, then GoReserva (Joomla Hotel Booking System).

Cloud Hotel Software

Hotelier Software is an all in one hotel management system for Hotels, Hostels, Apartments, Guest House, Villas, Motels, Resorts, Bed and Breakfast. Hotel Software is a platform provides software as a service (SaaS) with bundle that includes Property Management System, Channel Manager and lots of powerful ad-ons to help hotelier online hotel booking solutions to increase data security, enhance online booking experience for user across all device.


  • From joomla super admin control panel you can manage every single features of users, hotels,  website features and configure your website from Joomla state of art super admin control panel.
  • You can install and uninstall any components of GoReserva hotel admin software from joomla super admin extensions manager. Its help you to manage and update your GoReserva installer easily.
  • Each modules of GoReserva comes with lots of parameters settings which allow you to configure all possible way without any technical knowledge.
  • You can use almost any currency and built in Google currency converter help your user to convert price in any currency offered by Google
  • Sales, customer, booking and cancellation analyzing report comes with Google Chart API for interactive presentation with lots of useful data
  • Easy to use email template and configuration for manage all outbound email from hotel reservation systems feature comes with easy to use tag for all available data help you to create unique identity for your online reservation business
  • Advance coupon management system allow you to offer discount price for any specific hotels or any specific countries, states or cities help you to promote your business in personalized style.
  • Built in Paypal, PayPal Pro and payment gateway for receive online payment or you can create your own unlimited payment gateway using easy to interface.
  • There is lots of other super admin feature make GoReserva unique and powerful for all online hotel reservation business needs.
    Download hotel reservation trial version and install in your server to learn more details


  • Each hotel admin have individual control panel for manager hotels/property information in secure management area.
  • Hotel admin can add unlimited rooms and define unlimited rates for each single rooms using very easy to use interface. Hotel admin can also manage each single room rates and availability for every single days.
  • Hotel admin can translate all required content all most any language for offer multilingual feature
  • Hotel admin can define up-to 3 categories for each property to make it more visible if visitor search hotels by categories and define hotel location in google map using drag and drop technology
  • SEO feature help you to add custom meta tag and descriptions for hotel admin to optimize hotels for Google or Bing organic search.
  • Premier listing offer each hotel admin to listed hotels top of the search result in the website to attract more visitor in first click and help to generate more business
  • Ability to chose which payment want to accept for booking; i.e. Some hotel may not want to accept payment by PayPal or some don't want to accept credit card payment
  • Allow you to accept group booking for any size or if you want to sell beds as hostel you can easily setup any dorm room.
  • Hotel admin can add special offer for any hotels room to offer any discount price for any time period.
  • Hotel admin can generate customer and booking analytic report in single click which help to learn where from most of the guest booking rooms
  • Easy to use interface help you to generate complete availability reports of all rooms
  • Bookings, Arrivals,  and Cancellations report allow you to review for for any days or specific date range.
  • Upload unlimited photos, select unlimited facilities, define minimum or maximum number of night for booking, minimum days for cancellation, terms and conditions with much more feature inside hotel admin make GoReserva Joomla Hotel reservation system best solutions for Content Management System.
    View demo and login as hotel admin for review complete feature online


  • Built-in easy to use customizable template comes with all modules and required number of positions for Joomla.
  • Most powerful search module allow you to configure search by categories, or country, states and cities or by types any hotels name or locations comes with lots of parameter settings to make it fit with your needs. Using this module you can also configure group booking search options.
  • Deal of the months modules display all hotels discount offer in module positions using JQuery slide show
  • Top destination components and modules allow you to create unlimited top destinations and allow you to configure with lots of module parameters setting
  • Top Rated modules display dynamically all top rated hotels in module positions based on parameter settings.
  • Continent module display All available continents, countries, states or cities in interactive map and allow you to browse hotels by any locations
  • Google Map Search module another state of solutions for browse hotels in any location in Google Map.
  • Ajax powered search page help you to load faster your website and refine search parameters to find out exactly user looking for without loading page over and over. Allow user to refine search by currency, availability and low or higher price. User can also refine search result by facilities, any specific price range or categories which make website user friendly and powerful
  • Details of top destinations modules create dynamic page for every single location which contain built-in search features and show all hotels in Google map and top rated and featured hotels list - Its helps GoReserva to claim hotel reservation system as Smart Application
  • 3 simple steps for complete booking: Search hotels, select rooms, submit payment details for complete booking and if user email address booked any room before our system smart enough for track it and log your automatically without loading new page and help user to finish booking in single click
  • After complete booking user will receive details booking information with confirmation number in email and see details of booking in website if user interest to print. User also receive automatic login information for future access.
  • View online demo to see all feature live online


  • Guest (Those who booking room) & Guest Admin (Those who already booked room) is primary target for hotel booking business and our software put top priority for make it more user friendly and easy for complete booking and access booking information.
  • Guest can view website in any language enable by super admin
  • Guest can convert price of hotels room in any language using built-in Google Currency converter
  • Guest can search hotels by categories, by countries, states, cities or by type any locations or hotels name
  • Guest can filter hotel by facilities, prices or categories without loading new pages
  • Guest can complete booking in 3 simple steps: Search and select hotels room, Submit contact payment information and receive automatic booking confirmation number
  • Guest admin can submit comments and rating in easy to use JQuery powered interface
  • Guest admin can cancel booking in single click by accepting hotels terms and conditions
  • Guest can hide there identity during submit comments and ratings