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Hotelier software software as a service offer complete solutions for online hotel reservation system.

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Hotel Portal - $77

Using single hotel subscriptions plan you can manage one or chains hotel online booking system .

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Using single hotel subscriptions plan you can manage one or chains hotel online booking system .

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Hotel Booking Software - Hotel Reservation Software

Hotel Booking Software Joomla HBS (Hotel Booking System) is a one of the best hotel reservation software for Joomla Open Source Content Management System. Joomla HBS is the unrivalled leader of the Joomla booking applications, offering more power and functionality than any other system in it's class.

Tired of people telling you to put your data on their "clouds"? Want to control the code and make the changes that you want?

Designed primarily for taking bookings for hotels, bed and breakfasts, guest houses, cottages and villas, Joomla HBS can be used for taking reservations for anything that is booked by the day.

Joomla HBS is a true real time booking system. Most configuration options are specific to each property, including language, and utilises many features unique to Joomla HBS.

Why our hotel reservation system is best

  • No Set up fee
  • No commission on reservations
  • No transaction or reservation fees
  • No long-term contract
  • No third party interference.
  • and
  • You Have Unlimited Hotels In One Country or Around The World ?
  • Each Different Hotel Have Different Types of Rooms?
  • Each Room Types Have Different Types of Price?
  • Price Can Be Change Time to Time?
  • Joomla HBS Is Right Choice For You - With Much More!!

Hotel Booking Software - Hotel Reservation System built following components and modules

  • Hotel Booking User Component - Allow you to manage all hotel and property admin and super admin account.
  • Hotel booking Room availability and closeout component - Hotel admin can define each single room availability and closeout date.
  • Booking Cancellation Component - Guest can send request for booking cancellation to hotel admin.
  • Guest Comments Component - User can share comments for any hotels or properties and admin can manage everything.
  • Booking Discount Coupon Component - Allow you to provide discount offer or Manage Agent booking for special rate.
  • Edit Hotel Descriptions Component - Hotel admin can manage all information using this component.
  • Booking List Component - Site admin can complete list and details of booking.
  • Manage Countries - States - Cities Component - Allow you to use hotel booking system for any counties - states and cities
  • HBS Global Configuration Component - Help you to configure HBS for your needs.
  • Hotel or Property Registration Component - Allow any body to add hotels and properties in your website after your approval.
  • Hotel Search Components - Show result of any search criteria based on every single search module.
  • Hotels and Room Facility Component - You can add unlimited hotels and rooms facility with interactive icon.
  • Rates and Occupant Types Component - Hotel admin can add rate with VAST rates feature.
  • Room Type Component - Allow you to add unlimited rooms types for your hotels and property booking system.
  • Super Hotel Admin Component - You can create unlimited super admin account and manage every single properties or hotels.
  • Global Hotel Search Modules and Component - User can search hotels or properties anywhere of the world
  • Country based Hotel Search Modules and Components - User can search any specific counties all states, cities hotels or properties rooms.
  • All Property Search Module and Component - User can search all properties of your website.
  • Top Destination Module and Component - You can define any specific destination as top destination for highlight any countries, states hotels.
  • Booking Cart Module - Allow user to booking multiple room at a times just like a shopping cart.
  • Hotel Admin Menu Module - Hotel admin can control everything from hotel admin account.

Check all feature for GoReserva Hotel Booking Engine.